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  • 1 Solid
  • 5 Splits

Little Piggy

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$ 1
  • 2 Solids
  • 10 Splits

Big Piggy

For Expert Spenders
$ 2
  • 4 Solids
  • 20 Splits

Split Piggy

For Business & Accounting
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  • 100 Solids
  • 1000 Splits

Split Your Expenses & Take Control of Your Fun


Travel, camp, take dance lessons, and all the other things you want, but couldn’t find the money to.


Spend like a pro, and enjoy that fancy date night you always wanted to or that upscale restaurant you couldn’t afford.


Whether socializing with friends, family, business partners or your date, Split Piggy will help you spend like a pro.


See where your money currently goes and make adjustments to purchase the things you want and need!

Frequently asked questions

The Piglet plan is free for the first month only and $0.99 per month after that.

The app will not let you go past your current plan’s limit and will prompt you to upgrade your plan. If you need more than the highest plan offers, contact our customer support team to discuss custom options.

A Solid is a general category for your finances. For example, you may create a Solid named Leisure, apply 50% of your budget to it, and under it create four sub-categories, or Splits (Camping, Dining, Shopping, Sports). If you add $100 to your account, $50–or 50% of $100–will go to the Leisure Solid and $12.5 will go to each of its respective Splits.

Splits are sub-categories under your general categories (i.e. Solids) for organizing and tracking your expenses. Similar to when you create Solids, Splits have a unique name and percentage attached to them. Additionally, you can select unique colors for Splits, as well as move them to an entirely new Solid, as long as it won’t make all the Splits under the Solid exceed 100%. Splits also allow you to deduct Spent from them.

Split’s have a Spent option attached to them. If you have a Split for Coffee and purchase a coffee, you can use Spent to add the coffee’s cost to your Coffee Split. This allows you to track if you’re going over your allocated budget for coffee.

Unfortunately, though we are currently working on this feature, you cannot connect Split Piggy to your bank at this time.

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