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Overall Getting Started Video 1.1

How Split Piggy Works

New Terms to Learn:

Solid = Main Category
Split = Subcategory for a Solid

Date Range = Here is where you choose the date you want your Solids an Splits to show, from two days at a time a week, a month, to a year.
Add Money: This is where you add funds to your Split Piggy Account.

Allocate your Solids and Splits By Percentage

Choose a Name and Percentage for your Solid by clicking “add Solid” 
Then Choose How Much Percent you want allocated from your Solid
(Depending on The package you choose it will determine how many Solids you can use.)
Next, by clicking “Add Split” Choose the Name, Percentage and Color for your SPLITS and your Chosen Solid to go with your Splits.
(Depending on the package you choose you have a choice of the amount of Splits you may use)
Here’s an Example of how it works

This Example will be using the Free Plan "Piglet"
1 Solid 5 Splits only

“Food” Will be your Solid and you have elected to use 100% For this SOLID. You have chosen different types of foods you love for your SPLITS
Hamburgers 20%
Pizza 20%
Italian 10%
Steakhouse 30%
Desserts 20%

Add Expense money to your Split Piggy Bank by Clicking “Add Money” it will automatically disperse to the Solid and to the Splits

When you Spend money you have the option of Clicking the View Spent section located on the bottom half of the Split, in that section you may add the amount you have spent to keep track of your expense for that period.

Now your all Set to Get Splitting!